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9:00AM to 3:00PM


AUD $150 including GST

This course is for students who are new to dealing with clients who require Urinary Catheter Support Management.

This one-day course is for students who seek their support needs as in the type of urinary catheter required, specific techniques to support the use of a urinary catheter, the risks, response and reporting responsibilities. Students will practice catheter insertion techniques, positioning of bag to ensure drainage and tube positioning. This course aligns with NDIS High Intensity Support Skills Descriptor for Urinary Catheter.

Students are expected to complete a written and practical assessment.

Student Must bring: Laptop

Completion: Student will receive a Certificate that is valid for one year.

Course Details

Please be advised that Auscare Training Organisation reserves the right to cancel scheduled training sessions due to insufficient enrolment. While we strive to accommodate all registered participants, we must ensure that each session has a viable number of attendees to maintain the quality and effectiveness of the training.

In the event of cancellation due to insufficient enrolment, registered participants will be notified via email/phone at least 24 hours prior to the scheduled start date.

There are currently no intakes available! Please contact us here for more information.